First and foremost we were looking for a technology tool that would help our brokers increase their productivity and better manage their day-to-day deal flow. Secondly, we needed a platform that would streamline our management of broker production, allowing us to add brokers without adding additional support staff. Implementing Astro has allowed us to achieve those goals. Astro is a time saving and cutting edge brokerage technology tool.

- Jeff K Johnson, SIOR CCIM, NAI Black
Deal & Commission Tracking

The ability to easily and accurately track the complete Deal Cycle from my prospective deal pipeline to my completed deals /commission account receivables allows me to put my focus on winning and closing deals.

- Jeff Heaton, SIOR, Newmark Grubb Acres
Agent Support

The efficiency of adding a new listing and requesting signs and flyers in one process frees up my time to pursue and win more business. I can electronically submit and track my graphics/admin requests, which give me the tools and time I need to close deals.

- Kyle Roberts, SIOR, Newmark Grubb Acres

ASTRO’s 24/7 accessibility leverages my time and permits refined presentation of comparables and availables on a consistent basis, helping my clients have the confidence to say “yes.”

- Jim Sheldon, SIOR, Newmark Grubb Acres
Customer Service

Running our brokerage with ASTRO is incredibly easy. We now have tools that allow us to maximize efficiency, reduce menial tasks and eliminate redundancy. Whenever we run into a problem we don’t know how to solve ourselves, we can call or email ASTRO Support and they will respond the same day. This has allowed us to focus on increased customer service for our clients and as a byproduct, means more dollars

- Greg Brown, Managing Director, NAI Dileo & Bram

ASTRO is intuitive. The system gives our brokers the ability to run their own comp reports, view real time split and commission data and allows them to have live data at their fingertips. ASTRO populates our company’s website with current listings, allowing clients to see real time opportunities with accurate and detailed information. Having a single system that can serve all of our clients, internal as well as external, has allowed us to run our business more effectively.

- Alec Pacella, Managing Partner, NAI Daus