About Us

ASTRO Applications began in 2005 when the four founding members of a growing commercial brokerage firm determined that they were spending too much time managing the company and not enough time on transactions.

The operation was bogged down with time consuming manual record keeping via excel spreadsheets and Microsoft databases. Commissions and marketing were being done via paper and files and all support requests were handled by one on one meetings.

The player/coach owners asked the question, how can we leverage technology to create a time savings to our agents while saving the firm money.

The answer was ASTRO Applications. It stands for Automated System for Tracking Real Estate Operations. A web based application designed to streamline the back shop operation processes and provide tools to support agents, staff, and management. ASTRO was tested and perfected over a five year period driven through steady feedback of over 50 seasoned commercial brokers.

The application is cloud based and available anywhere with an internet connection. Once ASTRO was fully tested and improved, the founding partners decided to share the technology with commercial real estate brokerage firms internationally.

ASTRO was created by brokers for brokers. For more information call (801)746-4703.